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Blackjack is the classiest card game, its elegance is unmatched by any other form of casino games and in fact it's the only game where skilled players managed to beat the house and take millions of dollars from casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. Ken Uston, the famous blackjack card counter gave faith to thousands of blackjack players across the US.

Every possible blackjack player that heard Ken Uston's story is gaining the will needed to beat casinos. In fact Ken Uston is only one of many blackjack players that were able to make millions of dollars from playing blackjack fulltime.

Any blackjack player with adequate strategy can manage his way into the table and from it with net profits in his pockets. But mastering the right blackjack strategy isn't simply – you need dedication and precision, to work hard and practice every possible blackjack strategy that comes in your way. is a site devoted for blackjack players and blackjack strategies, all-in-one site that offers you a gateway to playing and winning blackjack games. We hope that you'll find our site sufficient and may the goddesses of luck be with you always!

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Blackjack Articles

  • (609) 264-5863
    30 October, 2008

    John Ferguson, popularly known as Stanford Wong, is an excellent and skillful blackjack player. At a young age, he already showed his knowledge and expertise in blackjack. Up to present days, he continues to show his expertise by participating in premier and televised blackjack competitions. read more

    Blackjack Card Counting
    04 August, 2007

    Here's an overview of blackjack card counting. We'll discuss principles of card counting that are common to most systems. We'll let players decide if card counting is right for them, and which system they would like to adopt. read more

    08 June, 2007

    A simple Blackjack Strategy Chart is based on the mathematics that are present in the game. It has been carefully tested by different computer simulations. The chart is a great tool for the beginners in the game. 201-386-2552



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Blackjack Card Counting
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